5 Days to Map Out Your Story

Whether you've finished writing your novel or not, you still need to make sure you have all the necessary plot points. Writing your story's plot outline can be done before you start writing - or when you're ready to start revising. Join the challenge to discover your novel's 5 main plot points.

About the Challenge:

  • Plot Like A Novelist is a 5-day writing challenge to help you gain clarity on your story's plot.
  • In about 15 minutes a day, you'll focus on one of the 5 main plot points necessary to begin writing your novel.
  • If you're ready to start writing or revising your novel, this is for you! Either way, you'll be reassured that your novel is headed in the right direction.
  • You'll recieve a short email each of the 5 days to ensure your story has the proper framework so you can confidently move forward with your manuscript. 
  • Celebrate your daily wins in our private Facebook group. Be sure to join us for the short LIVE video trainings to take each lesson a little deeper. 
  • Runs Monday through Friday. Signups accepted through Friday.
  • Don't worry if you join us halfway through the challenge, or on the last day. I'll still send you the stuff you missed.

Join the challenge to ensure your story has the 5 main plot points necessary for success.

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Plot Like A Novelist
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